systDICOM Challenge

The goal of a more interconnected model of healthcare has been pursued by many visionaries and industry stakeholders for some time.Though this vision varies in the ICT, standards and forces driving the change, the essential message is strikingly similar: leverage healthcare IT and advances in related fields to overcome information silos and usher in a new era of productivity, collaboration and, ultimately, improved outcomes.

systDICOM Approach

systDICOM allowing imaging data sets to be shared directly with collaborative clinicians using web-based services or the mobile application. Plus, these data sets are shared in secure manner since each user decides with whom he/she want to share it. Convenient image sharing rules are available to further streamline your processes. systDICOM also supports automatic or manual reconciliation and transfer of data sets into local PACS or other on-premise DICOM destinations.


Collaborate, Setup, Customize, and Control DICOM sets via a web interface.

systDICOM web interface

The "web interface"

A lightweight, RESTful DICOM server fully self-contained PACS

DICOM server

The "collaboration glue"

“Mini PACS” can be able to installed on Raspberry pi and connected with systDICOM.


The Mini Boards

When DICOM is built into them, they can be directly connected to the systDICOM.

Diagnostic Imaging Devices

MRI, CT, Ultrasounds