Main Core Features

The main core systDICOM features are:


Intelligent Management and Delivery via web of Content (e.g diagnostic images), to consumers in the context of their local working environment


Reports and Studies Publication via web, to consumers in the context of their local working environment .


Experts' imaging processing Services, Tools and Datasets are integrated and readily available through a web browser improving operational efficiency and increasing referrals and greater collaboration.

systDICOM Beneficiaries

We are proud leaders in the effort to improve medical imaging services sharing. Through systDICOM, we promote new policy and behavioral standards to improve overall health of citizens, worldwide.


Share studies with affiliate medical phycisists and hospitals for support and/or quick second opinions.


Avoid redundant exams with quicker access to medical imaging data sets, which can be reviewed remotely or incoporated into local PACS.


Eliminate the need for patients to carry out their CDs and quickly incoporate the inner studies into local dosing system via a web-based process.

Referring physicians

Receive imaging data sets effectivelly from outside facilities through a web-based platform, which can be accessed using your desktop or mobile device. Use integrated viewer for your varying levels of needs.

People/Patient and their families

Eliminate the need to travel to facilities or imaging centers to obtain CDs. Get real-time imaging services at iHealthNodes or other local imaging centers and share your medical dataset for initial review or second opinions eliminating unnecessary travel, redundant exams and associated radiation exposure.

  • Enable your data sets sharing for faster healthcare and decisions support
  • Provide access to your imaging data sets and enable referring Physicians collaboration in real-time

Clinics and Hospitals

Quickly move large studies between departments or across facilities without disks. Easily access and receive relevant priors images and reports as well from referring physicians. Improve productivity and efficiency by reducing the burden of cataloging and archiving disks, eliminating unnecessary, redundant exams and eliminating the costs.



  • People, Patients and their families
  • Surgeons, radiologists, referring physicians and Medical Physicists
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Imaging Centers
  • Payers nd medical device manufacturers

systDICOM: Collaborative Imaging Services

Peoples/Patients want efficient, decisive care medical decisions in real-time manner. Clinicians need instant access to medical exams and images. Hospitals require operational efficiencies. id2Health and systDICOM is capable to address these needs. It’s proven for today and powered for tomorrow’s shifts in healthcare. In the context of cloud-based id2Health platform, systDICOM enables the secure access and sharing of image and imaging data, in real time, across organizations, desktops and mobile devices.